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DycodeX is located in Indonesia
focusing on Internet of Things (IoT) application and services.



SMARTernak cuts the hassle out of cattle-farmer’s lives by using an IoT-based system to solve every day cattle-farming problems.

Who are we

Hello. We’re DycodeX,

An IoT Startup Located In Bandung, Indonesia.

We strives to develop disruptive Internet of Things solutions through our constant innovation, early-adopting spirit, and tight software-hardware integration in the development process of all of our products.

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Asset Tracking

Sophisticated IoT device for general cases such as personal safety products and fleet management..

Agriculture & Livestock Farming

IoT-based system to solve everyday cattle-farming problems.

Safety & Security

Connect people and technology to the systems and sensors for protection.

Custom Hardware Design

End-to-end IoT development, firmware, cloud/backend, app development.

SMARTernak is optimized for tracking cattle’s daily behavior and monitoring cattle health and general well-being. It periodically updates you via smartphone apps and web dashboards.

  • Track your cattle’s location, movement and behaviour
  • Monitor cattle’s health parameters
  • Monitor environmental condition
  • Check approximate weight
  • Apply virtual fencing
  • Herd counting
  • Feature anti-theft system
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Our Product


DytraX is the first 3rd party home-grown NB-IoT board in Indonesia. Served as a general-purpose tracker board for any usecases and connectivity, you can count on DytraX as a simple, reliable, and perfect tracker board to suit your needs.

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Our Product

Panic Button

Panic Button serves as a direct tool to connect with the authority and related division that can give faster response in an emergency situation. This device can be set up with GPS and selected contacts to locate users easily, so you can enhance the security in every neighborhood with Panic Button within your reach.

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Our Latest Featured Products

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

“Kami ingin mengantarkan sebuah layanan pesan antar yang prima karena kita spesialis untuk foodtech. FoodGasm juga membantu setiap restoran untuk memastikan pesanan makanan dan mengatur waktu persiapan penyajian mereka melalui penyediaan printer POS berbasis IoT pada merchant kami”

Marshall JahjaCEO Foodgasm

“Dengan bertambahnya layanan ini membuat banyaknya variasi pilihan yang bisa dipilih pelanggan kami, sebab sasaran utama self service machine adalah orang-orang yang ingin mengirim barang secara 24 jam dan tidak ingin antri di counter Tiki”

Rocky Nagoya Dir. Ops Tiki

“Kantor DycodeX cukup komplit, suasananya asik dan bengkel IoTnya lengkap untuk buat karya baru. Saya bekerjasamaa dengan DycodeX untuk mengembangkan salah satu product IoT berbasis NB-IoT untuk diterapkan di e-Fishery”

Chrisna Adityae-Fishery

“Kami menggunakan Jepret Allegra dari DycodeX. Jepret Allegra ini menurut kami adalah hal spektakuler karena dapat mencetak foto secara langsung hanya dengan menggunakan hashtag di media sosial. Kami menggunakan Jepret Allegra sebagai salah strategi marketing kami yakni sebagai merchandise untuk para pengunjung kafe kami”

Agung PrabowoFounder Roti Oppa

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