Founded in 2015, PT DycodeX Teknologi Nusantara, or DycodeX, is a subsidiary of PT Dycode Cominfotech Development that focuses on the development of smart hardware, embedded systems, Internet of Things, and other disruptive products. As one of Indonesia’s pioneers to the smart hardware industry that is still in its infancy, DycodeX is commited to bringing exceptional, high-quality hardware products, while at the same time actively contributes to the growth of the local maker community through events and seminars.

The journey of DycodeX never stops at community. DycodeX develops products that are aimed to ultimately improve people’s lives and augment the nation with our industry-tested experience in both software and hardware, as well as seamless integration of both. Moving forward, DycodeX strives to become Indonesia’s leading developer of disruptive IoT-based solutions through constant innovation, early-adopting spirit, and tight software-hardware integration in our products.

Background Story

Since 2014, we foresaw the rate and direction of digital transformation toward Industrial Revolution 4.0, which one of key enabling technologies is Internet of Things (IoT). In early 2015, we decided to found a startup that was dedicated to pioneer IoT industry in Indonesia, and DycodeX was born officially on April 2015. As pioneer, we had to face a stiff learning curve, yet still managed to develop and release some real-world IoT products across various industry verticals.

Along the way, we enabled IoT Maker Movement and contributed to Indonesia’s IoT ecosystem in general, for instance: as one of the founding father of Indonesia IoT Association, and actively participate in the drafting of some IoT-related regulations. For the last 2 years, we have been adopting Artificial Intelligence into the core strategy of our IoT products and solutions, to even more deliver value and benefit to our customers.

Story Behind the Logo

DycodeX logo is derived from our sister company DyCode. The ‘X’ in our logo is an homage to the infinity sign, which we believe represents our passion for constantly creating, innovating, and iterating our products. We always strive for the best and do not stop until our products are of the highest quality, before innovating and developing new products which will ultimately improve the quality of human lives as well as the nation.