NB-IoT Party in Bandung Digital Valley!

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NB-IoT technology is considerably new for Indonesians in general. But for the tech enthusiasts, especially those engaged in the IoT industry, of course, already familiar with this technology. This is one of the reasons Makestro and DycodeX held the NB-IoT Party on April 27th, 2018 in Bandung Digital Valley, West Java.

Collaborating with DycodeX and u-blox, two IoT companies closely associated with NB-IoT, Makestro as the IoT makers community organized the event. The event which started at 10 AM was attended by tech enthusiasts mainly active in IoT industry in Bandung, Jakarta, Bogor, and surrounding areas. On this occasion, the attendees could meet and discuss about NB-IoT with experts and also get their hands-on the IoT products.

Joe Ooi from u-blox

In this NB-IoT Party, the experts who became speakers, among others were Joe Ooi, Business Development Manager of u-blox and also Leipo Yan, Senior Application Engineer of u-blox. After a live sharing and question and answer session from u-blox, Ibn Alinursafa, Founder of Antares IoT Platform started his sharing session. After that Andri Yadi, CEO of DycodeX delivered a live demo with Alwin Arrasyid, Lead Software Engineer of DycodeX.

The event went with great enthusiasm until the afternoon. Surely NB-IoT Party can provide benefits and further knowledge about this technology to its users. More photos of this event is available in our Facebook page.

See you at the next IoT event!

LoRa Conference Indonesia 2018 Jakarta : The First Ever LoRa Conference in Asia!

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The development of communication network It is now growing rapidly. One of them is the Long Range (LoRa) technology, a low power wireless platform, which has become one of the options for building IoT networks worldwide. LoRa can provide coverage that is greater in range compared to that of existing cellular networks.

As one of the most widely used networks in Asia, we thought this is the perfect time to hold a conference on LoRa technology in Asia. LoRa Conference Indonesia 2018 was held in April 25th at MINDTORIUM Wisma 77 Tower 2, Jakarta. This is the first LoRa Conference ever held in Asia, and the second in the world. This event was organized by Makestro, in collaboration with DycodeX, Semtech, Multi Kontrol Nusantara, Polytron Indonesia, DTDS, and LoRa Alliance.

Notable speakers were Ir. Mochamad Hadiyana, M.Eng., Director of Postal and Informatics Device Standardization from Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics. Mr. Hadiyana talked about the regulation is IoT technology which is currently being refined by the government and soon will accommodate the industry players in Indonesia. Other notable speakers were Ir. Gunawan Wibisono, M.Sc, Ph.D, from Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Indonesia, Hari Venkatesh, Field Application Engineer from Semtech, Tan Wei Lip, Senior Field Application Engineer from DTDS, and many more experts from IoT industry whose also shared their presentations about LoRa and the IoT industry. At the end of the conference, CEO of Dycode, Andri Yadi, along with Alwin Arrasyid, Lead Software Engineer from DycodeX, held a mini panel discussion with Sugeng Imbran from SGrid Indonesia.

In this conference, the visitors can meet and discuss directly about Lora with industry players and experts. Each presentations gave new insights about IoT and LoRa, also can grow new business potential in this field. Hopefully, this event would trigger another conferences about LoRa technology in Indonesia in the future.

SMARTernak, The New Product for Precision Livestock Farming

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DycodeX has developed an IoT product devoted to precision livestock farming, the SMARTernak. This compact tool can provide comprehensive information on the livestock welfare and situation with its sophisticated technology.

On April 11-15, 2018, the DycodeX team has conducted a test of SMARTernak implementation at the Superior Livestock Breeding and Forage of Animal Feed Center (BPTUHPT) of Padang Mengatas, West Sumatera. In collaboration with the Indonesian government department of animal husbandry, DycodeX had the opportunity to conduct trials on 280 hectares of land consisting of three types of cows, in total 1400 of them. DycodeX prepares eight devices to be installed in the bodies of cows on the farm.

SMARTernak is the first IoT product in Indonesia for more comprehensive livestock management. This device is integrated with the backend system in the cloud, making it easier for users to access data through mobile and web applications. The system in this device will help you to know the location and condition of livestock at any time, so the quality and productivity of livestock can be improved.

To find out more about SMARTernak, please visit this page https://dycodex.com/smarternak/.

Update On DycodeX Movement – To Success And Beyond

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Earlier this week, we have announces several news about DycodeX movement and products. As an emerging IOT company, many steps are taken by management to improve and grow our business. One of them is to produce new qualified IOT products and market them internationally.

DycodeX also maintains good relationships with overseas manufacturing industries and IT companies, especially as many of the IOT components needed are still hard to find in Indonesia. Therefore, DycodeX CEO Andri Yadi made several business trips to several Asian countries, as he did this week in Shenzen, China.

If you have read the news about the millions of dollars funding from the largest IT company in Asia, well, it still becomes our wish to this day. But it’s never impossible to be come true in the future, isn’t it?

And of course we really hope our joke about SMARTLover product can actually be realized. At least we would be very proud to produce a technology that uncover the greatest mysteries of mankind. But well, until then, we will keep making other sophisticated products.

Stay tune for more updates in our social media and blog!

DycodeX Secures Series A Funding To Move Beyond IoT Buzzword

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Since two years ago, DycodeX appeared in Indonesia as an IT company focusing on IoT development. In South East Asia – specifically Indonesia, IoT is still considered as new technology. Unlike the other developed countries that are already using the technology, Indonesia and DycodeX are still paving our way to compete with the world’s IoT developers.

Dycodex has been designing various products and manufacturing its components overseas. some productions are mostly done in China. Slowly but surely, DycodeX Iot products one by one are finally getting international attention and recognition. Therefore, business development is needed to achieve a much larger international market. One way to scaling up the company is by making DycodeX as a one-stop mass production IoT company. This can be done by securing a funding from the world’s largest hardware accelerator company, headquartered in Shenzhen.

Dycode CEO Andri Yadi is currently in Shenzen to visit several IT and manufacturing companies there until next week. He will also securing the agreement for an eight-digit US dollar funding from the China giant tech company. This will live up DycodeX’s dream to be one of the biggest IoT companies in Asia in the near future. We hope this cooperation will enhance the development of IoT in Indonesia and also spur the spirit of industry players to achieve better development.

Stay tune for more update from DycodeX in our social media and blog.


We have an update news regarding this article in another blog post. At this moment, our CEO is still in Shenzen but on a different agenda. Although we are currently don’t have the actual A series funding, but we are crossing our fingers to gain it in the future.

SMARTLover, New Tracker For Precision Human Relationship

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Until now there are many who say, that women are one of the greatest mysteries in the world. Because it is sometimes difficult for a man to understand a woman’s feelings. Especially for couples in an affectionate relationship, understanding the feelings of couples is a challenge in itself. But Dycodex has made it much easier now. Dycodex develop SMARTLover, a new tracker device for couple. This product is dedicated by Dycodex for the better advancement of human relationships in the future. Currently Dycodex is in the process of working with a major hardware accelerator company in China to mass-produce SMARTLover. Dycodex CEO Andri Yadi is currently in Shenzen to provide the latest updates on SMARTLover and its development.

SMARTLover pendant is made of crystal with metal binder. It may look like a simple crystal pendant, but in the metal bind there is a micro tracker that can detect body temperature, heart rate, and also microgesture is useful to determine the body nutrition level, mood, and also the sincerity of this pendant user. SMARTLover can also detect user’s location with GPS module so that the pair can track the user’s location precisely and real-time. All the datas are uploaded into the cloud so it can be accessed through the mobile app. It allows user to know the mood of pendant users right away. SMARTLover translates the data into a simple conclusion such as happy, sad, angry, hungry, or even lying.

The research done by Dycodex team shows 96% accurancy of SMARTLover real-time data translation. Now you no longer need to guess the feelings and conditions of your partner, simply by wearing a SMARTLover on your lover and activate the app in your mobile phone, then you are one step closer to become a smart lover.

Learn More About IoT – Universitas Indonesia Visits DyPlex

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Since DycodeX was established 2 years ago, we have engaged with education in various aspects. Starting from the introduction of IoT technology to various universities and colleges, empowering vocational school students for job training, as well as cooperation in IoT field with various universities. One of them engagement we did was with the University of Indonesia. We are very honored when the lecturers and students of Electrical Engineering Faculty of the number one university in Indonesia took the opportunity to visit DyPlex in Bandung on Friday, March 16, 2018.

The day before, Dycodex was on the UI campus for the launch of Spekun, a bike sharing with IoT technology developed by Dycodex in collaboration with Banopolis and Telkomsel. In this event, we showed how Smartlock system we developed for bike sharing worked. During their visit to DyPlex this time, DycodeX CEO Andri Yadi invited Mr. Ir. Gunawan Wibisono, M.Sc., Ph.D. and his students to get around and see the DycodeX workshop.

We hope this visit from UI can be a bridge between technology industry actors especially on IOT with educational institutions. In the future, Dycodex welcomes every opportunity for educational institutions – both students and management – to jointly develop IOT in Indonesia through cooperation and projects.

SPEKUN, The First Bike Sharing With NB-IoT Technology in Souhteast Asia

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On Wednesday, March 14 2018, the first bike sharing with NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology in Southeast Asia was launching in Universitas Indonesia (UI), Depok. Spekun – means yellow bike – will be distributed around UI campus. This launching event was a collaboration between Universitas Indonesia, Telkomsel as the biggest telco in Indonesia, and also Banopolis as the bike sharing creator. DycodeX has been working together with Banopolis for the past 6 months for this bike sharing project.

The concept of Bike sharing is bicycle lending service to the public within a certain time from one point of location to another location point. partnered with Telkomsel, DycodeX and Banopolis created a smartphone-based bike sharing, accompanied by the provision of a parking pole or dock based on radio frequency identification (RFID). That way, the bike can only be parked on the specific parking dock. In UI area, Spekun is available at three spots: UI station, Pondok Cina station, and UI Main Library.

Andri Yadi, CEO of DycodeX and team on Spekun Launching in UI

How This Bike Sharing Works

Spekun has been equipped with Smartlock device embedded on the bike. This system is compatible with NB-IoT connectivity technology that enables all Spekun to communicate with the operator’s server so that the operator can track the bicycle while knowing the amount of bicycle distribution in all areas. The bike user needs to scan QR code on the front basket by using the Spekun application. The Smartlock will open automatically and the Spekun is ready to use.

Assembling The Brain And The Body

For the last six month, DycodeX team were working on the PCB design and we made three iterations before we finally made some improvements. We designed the printed circuit board (PCB) that became DyTrax, the main brain of NB-IoT Bike Sharing hardware. Instead of one board, we use two boards with DyTrax module to make the maintenance easier.

DyTrax, the brain of NB-IoT bike sharing hardware

The bikesharing board with Smartlock module

This Dytrax is the brain of NB-IoT Bike Sharing hardware. The Dytrax module’s features are: Processor, NB-IoT connectivity, motion sensor, and power management. Assembled with the Smartlock module, which is the driver that control the locking mechanism. The boards then connected with the software for backend integration. The NB-IoT technology, which is a type of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network technology, enables devices in Spekun to operate for years without recharging the battery.

We have been working under the radar to implement the technology in various living aspects. We are fortunate to be partnered with u-blox which provided us the materials needed to develop NB-IoT technology in Indonesia. As one of the first IoT companies in Indonesia, we are determined to enhance the development of IoT technology in the country, especially the NB-IoT. This bike sharing project became a milestone in our long journey to be IoT leader in Asia.

Why You Should Have Career In IoT

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The development of the digital world today has spurred every country to develop itself in technology, aligning itself with current conditions. With IoT (Internet of Things) development that is currently on the rise, many developed countries reckoned it as one of the most important tech trends. The concept of connecting non-electronic objects with digital devices is growing into a much wider function, which is to simplify human life. The development of IoT in the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific makes this field a hot topic that gradually becomes an important thing in technology and business. In the year 2016 alone, a Garter research states that 43% of companies in the world have had implemented and planned the IoT application. At this rate, it is not impossible that the development of IoT has become a significant indication of the advance of an organization’s digitalization process.

While in Southeast Asia – especially Indonesia, IoT is still trying to find a way to grow and be more reckoned with. There is still a few career in IoT industry that people know, while in reality it is a wide open opportunity. This is where DycodeX marches on. DycodeX strives to be the leading IoT company in Indonesia, bringing new talents in technology filled with brilliant and innovative ideas. We have created various IoT projects since two years ago, and up until now the demand is increasing rapidly. We are working on things that actually helped people’s lives in many aspects. But to achieve our mission of advancing IoT in the country, we need a lot of enthusiastic new people in our team.

We Are Recruiting

As mentioned in the World Economic Forum, IoT domain has become the fourth most promising work field. That’s why we started recruiting candidates for innovators and change makers. We need a lot of people especially who are capable in Physical design, Firmware, backend, and also a qualified business development team.

If you have the skill and you think it is time for you to develop yourself with career in IoT, it means you can change the world for the better with IoT solutions. Step forward, let’s make awesome things the world would cheered upon.

IoT Solutions For Livestock Farming

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Technological developments have brought many changes in various aspects of life. One of them, a change in the field of livestock farming. In developed countries like in America and Europe, livestock management is already using digital technology that allows farmers to grow their business and create better livestock quality.

While in Indonesia, most farmers still use traditional ways in managing livestock. This is the concern – and challenge – for tech enthusiast and game changer like DycodeX. In collaboration with the startup Bantuternak, DycodeX is trying to create an IoT solution for livestock farming in Indonesia. In the collaboration, they created a tracker for farm animals. This tracker is able to monitor the movement of cattle through IoT sensors. The sensors will send data to the cloud so that can be accessed by the farmers in real-time. After passing a series of trials in cattle farms in Yogyakarta, DycodeX and Bantuternak were in high hope that this collaboration will deliver an IoT solution that can help the farming industry in Indonesia.

How Cow Tracker Works

Andri Yadi, CEO of DycodeX told Info Komputer magazine in January 2018, “One of the purposes of installing this tool is to save costs and time. Because farmers/breeders do not have to calculate their cattle’s weight manually.” As the first IoT company that tested cow tracker in Indonesia, DycodeX is creating a precision agriculture in the country. Currently the cow tracker that has been tested can monitor the cow’s weight. It could also analyze the comfort level of the cows. The sensor monitors the cage condition (such as temperature, humidity, or sunlight radiation) which then the correlated data is analyzed using machine learning to determine the level of cattle productivity.

Currently DycodeX is producing 10 thousand devices for this cattle tracker. All IoT devices and apps are self-produced by DycodeX specifically, with customizations tailored to demands. This is a great start for livestock farming development in Indonesia using IoT solutions. Going forward, DycodeX hopes this solution will not only help the livestock industry in Indonesia, but also in other countries.