We’re looking for enthusiastic people like you.

DycodeX is an IoT solutions and products company is inviting you to be part of IoT awakening in Indonesia, by joining our elite team and creating realworld consumer IoT products and solutions.

DycodeX is a subsidiary of DyCode, 9 years leading software development company in Indonesia.  

Open Positions

IoT Lead Engineer

Technical Requirements

  • Able to design and build electronics circuit from scratch, either digital or analog. 
  • Experience in designing and building PCB. 
  • Familiarity with C/C++ is a must. 
  • Experience of Object-oriented Programming (OOP). 
  • Versed in microcontroller programming based on Arduino/Wiring framework. 
  • Familiar with bus communication protocol, such as I2C or SPI
  • Experienced in network programming for embedded system, based on HTTP and MQTT protocol. Also experience of accessing 3rd party or own REST API from embedded system.
  • Experienced in working with wireless communications, e.g: WiFi, Bluetooth, or RF. 
  • Experience in other MCU programming platform – beside Arduino – is a nice to have, e.g: ARM mbed, ESP8266 native SDK, STM32.
  • Experience of working with source code management system (such as: Git) is nice to have. 
  • Experienced with embedded RTOS systems is a highly appreciated. 
  • [Important] Having created at least 1 product prototype that implements all or most of skills/experiences above.

Non-Technical Requirements

  • Able to write and speak in English
  • Enthusiasm in learning new things
  • Love movies (because we are all movie freaks!)
  • Willing to be active in community

Senior Developer

Technical Requirements

  • Fluency in C++ highly preferred
  • Expertise in OOP

Non-Technical Requirements

  • Able to speak/write in English
  • Having good attitude and work ethics
  • Fast learner
  • Willing to be active in contributing to the flourishing IoT community in Bandung
Interested? Drop your resume and cover letter here.
We can’t wait to have you joining us today. Here, at DycodeX.