We're hiring:

Electronic Engineer

At DycodeX, we hire and develop leaders and innovators who want to make an impact on the world of technology, especially IoT. We need someone who can provide his skill in Electrical Engineering in our products.

Job Description:

  • Melts and applies solder along adjoining edges of workpieces to solder joints, using soldering iron, gas torch, or electric-ultrasonic equipment
  • Perform surface mount, thru-hole, and/or hand-soldering
  • Complete paperwork, documenting production and errors
  • Read and follow work procedures and schematics
  • Grinds, cuts, buffs, or bends edges of workpieces to be joined to ensure snug fit, using power grinder and hand tools



  • Must have extensive attention to detail, computer skills, and excellent communication skills
  • Component Identification ability required
  • Must have the ability to work in a team environment, and follow work instructions