We're hiring:

Mechanical Engineer

At DycodeX, we hire and develop leaders and innovators who want to make an impact on the world of technology, especially IoT. We need someone who can provide physical and mechanical design enclosure to tape-out designs in advanced technology.

What you need to do:

  • Design 3D models for electronic casing and mechanical architecture
  • Make 3D render for illustration
  • Make 3D documentation and collaborate with electronics designer
  • Make a prototype using 3D printing, laser cutting, silicon molding, vacum forming, etc
  • Eliminate manufacture problem by doing simulation analysis through CAM software
  • Manage production process, timeline, make BOM prices for manufacture using injection molding, metal bending, etc.




  • Creative
  • Open-minded
  • Communication skills
  • Work well under pressure
  • Can use 3D CAD software such as Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor, Rhinoceros, etc
  • Can use 3D render software such as Keyshot, Vray, etc
  • Have experience in manufacturing process using plastic, metal, etc
  • Have basic electronic knowledge
  • Present ideas by create wireframe or sketch
  • Have the ability to work in team and discussion
  • Can use PCB design software is a plus