We're hiring:

PCB Designer

At DycodeX, researching and developing industry-leading IoT products is our main focus, with exceptional, creative people, each specializing in their own fields, acting as our heart and soul.

To support our fast growth, the DycodeX team is now hiring PCB Designers; people with remarkable aptitude for designing compact PCBs and an outstanding attention to even the smallest of details, preferably with past professional experience in designing circuit boards.

We require people who fulfil the following requirements at the minimum:
– an associate degree in electronics engineering
– knowledge of fundamental circuits and electrical schematics
– experienced with Eagle/Altium/KiCAD
– able to work at irregular or extended hours / days, as needed

Having prior knowledge of AutoCAD and Solidworks would be considered a plus.

Should you feel qualified for the position, kindly send your CV to x@dycode.com.