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Dycodex Pamerkan Produk di Indonesia Industrial Summit 2019

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DycodeX kembali berkesempatan untuk mengenalkan kepada masyarakat mengenai berbagai produk berbasis Internet of Things (IoT) dalam acara Indonesia Industrial Summit (IIS) 2019 yang digelar oleh Kementerian Perindustrian pada tanggal 15-16 April 2019 di ICE BSD, Tangerang, Banten. Acara ini sendiri bertujuan untuk memberikan gambaran mengenai perjalanan peta jalan “Making Indonesia 4.0” selama satu tahun belakangan ini. Pada tahun ini tema acara yang diusung Kemenperin adalah “Implementasi Making Indonesia 4.0 Menuju Negara 10 Besar Ekonomi Dunia”. Pameran ini sekaligus sebagai ajang kesiapan perusahaan dan industri dalam menyambut Industri 4.0.

Pada pameran kali ini DycodeX memamerkan beberapa produk unggulan seperti SMARTernak, Smarterbike, Alora, DytraX, dan juga ESPectro32 v2. Tak hanya untuk memamerkan produk-produk unggulan kami, namun DycodeX juga membantu menyediakan teknologi Artificial Intelligence (AI) untuk produk Batik Analyzer yang digagas bersama DyCode, Balai Besar Kerajinan Batik (BBKB) dan Kementerian Perindustrian.

Sambutan terhadap produk-produk DycodeX cukup tinggi terlihat dari banyaknya pengunjung yang menyambangi booth kami diantaranya adalah Wakil Presiden Jusuf Kalla dan Menteri Perindustrian Airlangga Hartarto yang terlihat antusias melihat dan mendengar langsung penjelasan mengenai berbagai produk kami. DycodeX sebagai salah satu perusahaan dalam industri Internet of Things (IoT) berharap akan selalu mampu berkontribusi dan berinovasi dalam menghadapi Industri 4.0.

Why You Should Have Career In IoT

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The development of the digital world today has spurred every country to develop itself in technology, aligning itself with current conditions. With IoT (Internet of Things) development that is currently on the rise, many developed countries reckoned it as one of the most important tech trends. The concept of connecting non-electronic objects with digital devices is growing into a much wider function, which is to simplify human life. The development of IoT in the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific makes this field a hot topic that gradually becomes an important thing in technology and business. In the year 2016 alone, a Garter research states that 43% of companies in the world have had implemented and planned the IoT application. At this rate, it is not impossible that the development of IoT has become a significant indication of the advance of an organization’s digitalization process.

While in Southeast Asia – especially Indonesia, IoT is still trying to find a way to grow and be more reckoned with. There is still a few career in IoT industry that people know, while in reality it is a wide open opportunity. This is where DycodeX marches on. DycodeX strives to be the leading IoT company in Indonesia, bringing new talents in technology filled with brilliant and innovative ideas. We have created various IoT projects since two years ago, and up until now the demand is increasing rapidly. We are working on things that actually helped people’s lives in many aspects. But to achieve our mission of advancing IoT in the country, we need a lot of enthusiastic new people in our team.

We Are Recruiting

As mentioned in the World Economic Forum, IoT domain has become the fourth most promising work field. That’s why we started recruiting candidates for innovators and change makers. We need a lot of people especially who are capable in Physical design, Firmware, backend, and also a qualified business development team.

If you have the skill and you think it is time for you to develop yourself with career in IoT, it means you can change the world for the better with IoT solutions. Step forward, let’s make awesome things the world would cheered upon.