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Bandung IoT Maker Day 2020

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Bandung IoT Maker Day 2020

After all these years, Makestro came up to the surface and held an event for Makers (Hardware Designer and Engineer, Firmware and Software Developer, etc.) with the title “Bandung IoT Maker Day 2020” This event was powered by DTDS Singapore, as one of biggest distributor electronics components. They want to bring their brand to Indonesia as one stop components supplier and consultant. They also have a lot of product franchises consisting of ; Renesas, Intersil, MPS, Semtech, Liteon, Omnivision, Shindengen, Netvox and many more. But only Renesas, MPS and Semtech who sent their representatives to introduce their product here.

Makestro was trusted as the organizer of this event. Makestro is a community that provides the hardware and learning tools required for Makers of all levels of expertise to start making. As the host from Bandung, DycodeX also contributed at this event and shared about Smart Agricultural. SMARTernak also brought to the exhibition along aside with the products from DTDS. At break time, all participants were welcome to visit the exhibition.


CEO DycodeX – Andri Yadi become one of key note speakers at Bandung IoT Maker Day 2020


SMARTernak by DycodeX product display at Bandung IoT Maker Day 2020

DTDS Products Display at Bandung IoT Maker Day 2020

The enthusiasm from all participants was quite big. Since the gate opens for registration, they already queue in line. Event was start at 9.00 AM and ended at 5.00 PM, until the end of the event, there’s still a lot of participants who stayed longer to talk and discuss with the speakers about their current project, obstacles, and their needs. Based on the purpose of this event, from A to Z on designing and developing IoT devices, the main topics at this seminar are regarding about IoT with Smart Community, IoT Monitoring Sensor, Power Up your IoT Device and Power Management for Industrial IoT.

Bandung IoT Maker Day 2020

All Participants From Various Companies at Bandung IoT Maker Day 2020

Break Time

All Participants Are Welcome to Visit The Exhibition at Bandung IoT Maker Day 2020

Lately, the IoT industry in Indonesia is growing rapidly. That’s why many Makers with brilliant ideas are needed, to make Indonesia a better country and be able to compete with other countries in the field of technology. Hopefully, there will be a lot of similar events to accommodate IoT enthusiasts in Indonesia to help them build something new, their innovation and in literally… make all Makers dreams come true.

Thank you Bandung IoT Maker Day 2020!!!