President Joko Widodo Visits DycodeX at BCCF, Endorses Bandung Creative Industry

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DycodeX meets President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo and government officials.

Bandung’s creative industry get the spotlight of the government in Bandung, West Java. President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo, along with the Minister of Industry, Minister of Social Affairs, Cabinet Secretary, Presidential Special Staff Coordinator, and the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil meet DycodeX CEO Andri Yadi at “Leaders of Tomorrow” mini exhibition and talk show held at BCCF Simpul Space Braga on Saturday, November 10, 2018.

Coinciding with Indonesia’s Hari Pahlawan, DycodeX is among the exhibiting 15 creative industries from all over Bandung that represent the event’s theme of “local identity, export level”. Andri Yadi showcases SMARTernak and Smarterbike, two of DycodeX’s flagship products that represent Indonesia’s capability in developing technologies made locally that are ready to compete internationally.

Both SMARTernak and Smarterbike are designed and developed by DycodeX in Bandung, West Java by by local engineers, designers, and coders. Learn more about the range of DycodeX products, all developed locally, on our official website.

In commemoration of Indonesia’s Hari Pahlawan, as one of the pioneers in the Indonesian Internet of Things industry, DycodeX is proud to support the government’s agenda of Making Indonesia 4.0 by developing breakthroughs and innovations in the field of information and technology that can solve real problems. We highly appreciate the government of the Republic of Indonesia’s endorsement and support to the Bandung creative industry.

DycodeX Wins Rice Bowl Awards 2018 as Best Ecosystem Initiative in Indonesia

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Startup growth in the world is increasing, and each other is competing to make their company the best. Every region in the world has the prominent startups, as well as in the Asian region. That’s why the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (myNEF) – a non-profit organization that focuses on creating and developing sustainable entrepreneurs – celebrates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem by holding the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards.

What is The Rice Bowl Awards?

The Rice Bowl Startup Awards are the official Southeast Asia circuit for the Global Startup Awards. The Awards are divided into several rounds – nationals, regional and global. This year, the regional (South East Asia) reward innovation, excellence, and best practice in startups across the region. From all over Asia, there were 2500 startups listed in Rice Bowl. From Indonesia only, there were 280 submissions – including DycodeX. One interesting point from this year’s ARBSA was from 9 countries that entered the nomination, there were 6 female founders who became the winners.

Miss Lyliana, CEO of myNEF explained during the ARBSA 2018 Indonesia Awarding Night in Jakarta on October 5, 2018, that Rice Bowl is not a pitching company because according to her, what often becomes the winner in the speech competition usually sounds good, but not as good. So it would not be fair for the Asian companies that have good qualities but are limited to language and presentation constraints.

Ms. Lyliana. CEO of myNEF

The Indonesian Winners

As one of the finalists of ARBSA 2018, DycodeX actively participated in promoting the event. If you follow our social media you would notice that at the end of September to early October, we shares a voting link so that the public can participate in choosing the best startup according to them in several categories. But voting is not everything. It’s just a way to move up the ladder. In fact, voting only affects about 10-15% of the total assessment. The criteria for the finalists of ARBSA are startups that stand less than 5 years, and the judges will make the assessments.

DycodeX made it into 4 nomination categories, namely Best Food / Agri Tech, Best IoT, Startup Of The Year, and Best Ecosystem Initiative. And we won the Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative Award 2018 in Indonesia. While the other Indonesia winners were:

  • Startup Of The Year: Smart Shop
  • Founder of the Year: Aditya Minarto
  • People’s Choice: Farmers
  • Best Newcomer:
  • Investor Of The Year: WIND
  • Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative: DycodeX
  • Best Fintech Startup: Gradana
  • Best HealthTech Startup: Neurabot
  • Best FoodTech / AgriTech Startup: TaniHub
  • Best e-Commerce Startup: Wakuliner
  • Best Logistics and Supply Chain Startup: Shipper
  • Best Life Helper: Go-Life
  • Best IoT Startup: Mesh
  • Best AI / Machine Learning Startup: Neurabot
  • Best Business Automation Tool:
  • Best Coworking Space: Greenhouse
  • Best Digital Marketing Solution:


Andri Yadi, CEO of DycodeX with the winners of Rice Bowl Awards 2018 Indonesia

The Indonesia winners will meet other South East Asian winners in Bali this November to secure the position as Asean Rice Bowl Awards 2018 winner, and later will go to the Global Startup Awards competing the other startups from teh Nordic, Central Europe, Africa, and other regions of the world.

We win!

We would like to thank the Rice Bowl for giving us the chance to compete and hopefully we will come back next year to get the best categories and ready to compete with global startups. And thank you for all of you who had voted for us. DycodeX will continue to do our best and drive to give us the best for Indonesia tech startup ecosystem.

DycodeX and The Indonesian Government Talked About LPWA Regulations

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IoT technology development in Indonesia still runs – perhaps in a slow pace, but surely catching up fast. Along with the proliferation of technology companies that are starting to focus on IoT, the Indonesian government must start providing adequate infrastructure, and adjust the existing regulations to support the acceleration of this technology.

For this reason the Indonesian government began to prepare various things to create a conducive environment for the IoT development. The Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) invited various telecommunication companies and startups engaged in the IT field to jointly explore network regulations for IoT.

DycodeX, along with Elnusa, represented the IoT industry in the preparation meeting for second trial of LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network regulation in Indonesia. This meeting was initiated by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo). It was held in Divisi Digital Service Telkom, Bandung Digital Valley, Bandung, on October 1-2, 2018.

The topic we discussed was the scenario of LPWA rules testing, to find out the potential for interference with cellular waves. Some of the other things discussed include frequency that will be used, duty cycle, power, and other specs. If the field trial does not prove to be interference, the rules can be passed. If there is still interference, the spec is changed until interference does not occur again. the second trial will be held in the third week of October until the third week of November 2018.

The meeting was a good news for all local IoT players as this is one step closer in finally legalizing regulation for a safer, more controlled environment for IoT in Indonesia, so that it can be used and commercialized under the protection of the law. As one of the leading players in the IoT industry, we’d like to extend our utmost gratitude for the government of Indonesia for the continuous support in the local IoT industry.

LPWA regulation meeting with Kominfo in Bandung

Andri Yadi tentang Google Demo Day Asia: “Pengalaman Luar Biasa!”

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Andri Yadi of DycodeX presents SMARTernak at Google Demo Day Asia.

DycodeX, mewakili KIBAR, bangga mewakili Indonesia sebagai satu-satunya startup tanah air yang maju ke ajang Google Demo Day Asia di Shanghai pada 20 September 2018 lalu. Andri Yadi, CEO DycodeX, berbagi pengalaman menegangkan namun tak ternilainya saat maju untuk pertama kalinya ke panggung pitching internasional sebesar Google Demo Day Asia.

“Google Demo Day Asia benar-benar pengalaman luar biasa karena ini adalah panggung terbesar yang pernah saya hadiri,” curhat Andri Yadi. “Menegangkan pasti, karena ada 1000 pasang mata yang menonton siapapun di panggung, tapi sangat menantang. Kesan yang terbaik yang saya dapatkan adalah Google yang benar-benar mendukung kita para finalis dan menghubungkan kita dengan orang-orang yang berpengalaman dari industri IoT untuk kita terus belajar.”

Andri Yadi sempat berbagi tentang kekagumannya dengan startup yang terpilih menjadi juara favorit di Google Demo Day Asia. “Saya kagum dengan Origami Labs dari Hong Kong. Mereka buat cincin cerdas bernama ORII yang bisa menerima perintah suara buat menelepon atau kirim SMS cuma dengan menepuk telinga yang kini sudah siap dipasarkan.”

Bisa tampil di Google Demo Day Asia menjadi pengalaman berkesan, namun momen paling membekas adalah ketika Andri Yadi bertemu dengan Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia di Hong Kong. “Mereka kaget ketika tahu bahwa ada startup IoT dari Indonesia yang lolos seleksi finalis Google Demo Day,” ujar Andri Yadi. “Mereka berharap lebih banyak lagi startup dari Indonesia yang bisa mengikuti kompetisi tingkat Asia, terutama di China. Kita dititipkan pesan untuk terut membina calon kontingen dari Indonesia yang mau berkompetisi di ranah Asia.”

DycodeX Signed MoU with BIMP-EAGA for IoT Technology Cooperation

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The growth of technology in Asia is currently rising sharply. This has become one of the concerns for Southeast Asian countries, especially those who are members of BIMP-EAGA. BIMP-EAGA is a co-operation initiative by Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, all of which are member-countries of the regional Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to accelerate economic development in the four countries.

Last September 19th to 21st 2018, the four BIMP-EAGA member countries held their 6th ICT Cluster Meeting in Pontianak, West Borneo – Indonesia and discussed the development of industrial sectors, one of which is the technology industry. DycodeX was invited as a representative of a technology company from Indonesia, came together with the Ministry of Communication and Information. In this meeting, two Indonesian startups which were us, PT. Dycodex Teknologi Nusantara and PT. Aruna Jaya Nuswantara (Integrated Fisheries Commerce) signed a cooperation agreement with BIMP-EAGA to improve technology infrastructure in the four Southeast Asian countries.

The Public Relations of DycodeX, Veronica Blandine was the representative of DycodeX who signed the MoU. We hope this event will be the beginning of a collaboration that provides mutual benefits for DycodeX and also for the governments of Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Veronica Blandine from DycodeX with the representatives of BIMP-EAGA at the MoU signing

DycodeX Brings Basics of IoT Development Using ESPectro32 v2 to SMK Negeri 8 Malang

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DycodeX brings ESPectro32 v2 to SMK Negeri 8 Malang.

As one of Indonesia’s leading IoT maker movement enabler, DycodeX is more than happy to bring Internet of Things to more people in Indonesia. On September 1, 2018, DycodeX, collaborating with DycodeEdu and Indonesia Android Kejar, visited vocational schools in Malang, East Java to share the basics of IoT development as part of the SMK Coding program. Using ESPectro 32 v2 development board, students of SMK Negeri 4 Malang and SMK Negeri 8 Malang learned how to flash code from an integrated development environment (IDE) to a development board.

Hisyam Kamil, IoT engineer at DycodeX, along with Indonesia Android Kejar, led the ESPectro32 v2 training at SMK Negeri 8 Malang. About 20 students of the software engineering (RPL) specialization attended the course. By the end of the course, the students are expected to have a basic understanding of IoT development, giving them the knowledge to start experimenting further.

Students of SMK Negeri 8 Malang learns basic of IoT with DycodeX.

DycodeX is proud to bring ESPectro32 v2 as the development board of choice in SMK Coding. Designed to be versatile and easy-to-use, ESPectro3 v2 can be coded very easily by vocational students who are just getting started into hardware programming, while allowing for further experimentation should the students have more knowledge about IoT.

ESPectro32 v2 as the development board in SMK Coding.

SMK Coding is a program initiated by Ditjen Aptika Kominfo that teaches technical programming skills to students of vocational schools (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan) from all across the country to prepare them with necessary hard and soft skills for the industry. Courses taught in this program include Android app development as well as basics of IoT development.

For more information about ESPectro 32 v2, the development board used in SMK Coding, please visit its product page at

We Freshen Up Our Logo!

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Every life journey gives its own color. Everything that happens in someone’s milestone will provide their own experience and learning. That’s what also happen with DycodeX. Many things that have happened over the past three years have given many colors in our career journey. of course, these things helped us to become more advanced, more developed, and continue to innovate.

This is what drove us to give a new color to our logo. If initially the DycodeX logo was monochrome color that was solid and firm, over time, more and more colors in the development of this company. So we want to appear more colorful with brighter colors, and affirm our brand to be more easily known by the general public. We think it’s time to freshen up the logo, just like we freshen up our spirit and ready to work even harder to achieve more.

The various events we’ve been through had gave us the opportunity to meet more people and various new opportunities. Just like every ideas and innovations that we do, we want to become more dynamic and useful for many people. Hopefully in the future, we can do more for the development of the IoT scene in Indonesia, and also advancing the technology of this country.

So, how do you like our logo now?

DycodeX Showcases SMARTernak, Cellular IoT-Ready Products in Asia IoT Business Platform

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DycodeX CEO presents SMARTernak to stakeholders.

DycodeX attended Asia IoT Business Platform in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta as an exhibitor in collaboration with Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo). Held in August 28-29, Asia IoT Business Platform is a conference that drives the adoption of Internet of Things technologies in the ASEAN region.

DycodeX showcases its flagship products: SMARTernak, the smarterst IoT- and AI-based solution for Precision Livestock Farming. In collaboration with XL Axiata, DycodeX exhibits a prototype of an IoT device using cellular IoT connectivity, Smarterbike.

As one of the booth’s highlights, SMARTernak aims to revolutionize the cattle-farming industry using IoT- and AI-based technology to assist cattle-farmers in monitoring cattle’s well-being and behavior. In the booth, DycodeX shows the SMARTernak web dashboard for the first time, which can be used along with accompanying iOS and Android apps.

DycodeX showcases products in Kemkominfo booth.

DycodeX booth also showcases DytraX and PowtraX. DytraX is DycodeX’s versatile asset-tracking board that can use either LPWA (Low-Power, Wide-Area) network or cellular-based connectivity. PowtraX is an industrial power meter that allows industries to monitor the power usage of electrical appliances and help prevent disasters from happening.

Collaborating with XL Axiata for Cellular IoT

DycodeX collaborates with XL Axiata, one of Indonesia’s largest telecommunication provider, to bring a prototype for cellular IoT-ready product, that we presented as Smarterbike, a bike management system that’s easier for everyone. Its features include GPS location-tracking, connectivity via cellular IoT, theft-prevention smart lock, and more.

DycodeX team at the IoT Business Platform

Having Indonesia’s IoT industry be exposed to an international stage is a crucial step in improving and applying the full potential of Internet of Things to realize the vision of ASEAN’s largest digital economy. DycodeX would like to thank the Indonesia’s Kemkominfo for their active, continuous effort in fostering the local Internet of Things community.

Learn more about the full lineup of connectivity-ready products in DycodeX website, For more details about SMARTernak, visit its official website at, or request your demo at

DycodeX Brings SMARTernak To InnoVEX 2018 Taiwan

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For three days from June 6th t0 8th, 2018, DycodeX along with 5 other Indonesian startups went to Taiwan to become Indonesia’s representatives in the InnoVEX 2018 event. InnoVEX is a part of Computex, the largest computer and technology exhibition in Asia held at Taipei World Trade Center.

A few days before, DycodeX along with the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) had a press conference on the departure of six startups from Indonesia to become our representative in InnoVEX 2018. These six startups are DycodeX, 8villages, Yava Solusi247, Squline, Vestifarm and Qlue. As a representative of Indonesia, the participation in InnoVEX 2018 is to show the world that Indonesia is able to produce products and applications that technologically can compete in the international arena.

Team DycodeX brought the latest flagship product, SMARTernak, a solution for Precision Livestock Farming. This solution cuts the hassle out of cattle management by using an IoT-based system to make cattle-farmers’ lives easier and livestock healthier and more productive.

During the three-day exhibition at InnoVEX 2018, DycodeX team was represented by our CEO Andri Yadi, and our CFO, Ahmad Dhany. Our booth was visited by visitors who are mostly businessmen and investors from Taiwan as well as from other countries. The visitors seemed quite enthusiastic about the performance of SMARTernak tools with the cow mock-up we brought in the DycodeX booth. In addition to viewing the device directly, visitors can also see our demo.

On the second day, DycodeX team also participated in the Private Pitch and Networking Night in Innovation Spotlight sessions. Andri Yadi presented SMARTernak to the jury and pitching participants at InnoVEX 2018. Currently SMARTernak has received attention from several companies both domestic and abroad who are interested to develop this solution and apply it on their farming companies. We hope this InnoVEX 2018 exhibition can provide better access to global market for SMARTernak.

We are very grateful for the support and facilitation from Bekraf, the opportunity to participate in InnoVEX 2018, the Indonesian Economic And Trade Office of Taipei, and the investors and businessmen who visited us with enthusiasm during our stay in Taiwan.

For more information on SMARTernak, visit the or contact us at for a demo.