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NB-IoT Party in Bandung Digital Valley!

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NB-IoT technology is considerably new for Indonesians in general. But for the tech enthusiasts, especially those engaged in the IoT industry, of course, already familiar with this technology. This is one of the reasons Makestro and DycodeX held the NB-IoT Party on April 27th, 2018 in Bandung Digital Valley, West Java.

Collaborating with DycodeX and u-blox, two IoT companies closely associated with NB-IoT, Makestro as the IoT makers community organized the event. The event which started at 10 AM was attended by tech enthusiasts mainly active in IoT industry in Bandung, Jakarta, Bogor, and surrounding areas. On this occasion, the attendees could meet and discuss about NB-IoT with experts and also get their hands-on the IoT products.

Joe Ooi from u-blox

In this NB-IoT Party, the experts who became speakers, among others were Joe Ooi, Business Development Manager of u-blox and also Leipo Yan, Senior Application Engineer of u-blox. After a live sharing and question and answer session from u-blox, Ibn Alinursafa, Founder of Antares IoT Platform started his sharing session. After that Andri Yadi, CEO of DycodeX delivered a live demo with Alwin Arrasyid, Lead Software Engineer of DycodeX.

The event went with great enthusiasm until the afternoon. Surely NB-IoT Party can provide benefits and further knowledge about this technology to its users. More photos of this event is available in our Facebook page.

See you at the next IoT event!

LoRa Conference Indonesia 2018 Jakarta : The First Ever LoRa Conference in Asia!

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The development of communication network It is now growing rapidly. One of them is the Long Range (LoRa) technology, a low power wireless platform, which has become one of the options for building IoT networks worldwide. LoRa can provide coverage that is greater in range compared to that of existing cellular networks.

As one of the most widely used networks in Asia, we thought this is the perfect time to hold a conference on LoRa technology in Asia. LoRa Conference Indonesia 2018 was held in April 25th at MINDTORIUM Wisma 77 Tower 2, Jakarta. This is the first LoRa Conference ever held in Asia, and the second in the world. This event was organized by Makestro, in collaboration with DycodeX, Semtech, Multi Kontrol Nusantara, Polytron Indonesia, DTDS, and LoRa Alliance.

Notable speakers were Ir. Mochamad Hadiyana, M.Eng., Director of Postal and Informatics Device Standardization from Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics. Mr. Hadiyana talked about the regulation is IoT technology which is currently being refined by the government and soon will accommodate the industry players in Indonesia. Other notable speakers were Ir. Gunawan Wibisono, M.Sc, Ph.D, from Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Indonesia, Hari Venkatesh, Field Application Engineer from Semtech, Tan Wei Lip, Senior Field Application Engineer from DTDS, and many more experts from IoT industry whose also shared their presentations about LoRa and the IoT industry. At the end of the conference, CEO of Dycode, Andri Yadi, along with Alwin Arrasyid, Lead Software Engineer from DycodeX, held a mini panel discussion with Sugeng Imbran from SGrid Indonesia.

In this conference, the visitors can meet and discuss directly about Lora with industry players and experts. Each presentations gave new insights about IoT and LoRa, also can grow new business potential in this field. Hopefully, this event would trigger another conferences about LoRa technology in Indonesia in the future.

SMARTernak, The New Product for Precision Livestock Farming

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DycodeX has developed an IoT product devoted to precision livestock farming, the SMARTernak. This compact tool can provide comprehensive information on the livestock welfare and situation with its sophisticated technology.

On April 11-15, 2018, the DycodeX team has conducted a test of SMARTernak implementation at the Superior Livestock Breeding and Forage of Animal Feed Center (BPTUHPT) of Padang Mengatas, West Sumatera. In collaboration with the Indonesian government department of animal husbandry, DycodeX had the opportunity to conduct trials on 280 hectares of land consisting of three types of cows, in total 1400 of them. DycodeX prepares eight devices to be installed in the bodies of cows on the farm.

SMARTernak is the first IoT product in Indonesia for more comprehensive livestock management. This device is integrated with the backend system in the cloud, making it easier for users to access data through mobile and web applications. The system in this device will help you to know the location and condition of livestock at any time, so the quality and productivity of livestock can be improved.

To find out more about SMARTernak, please visit this page

Update On DycodeX Movement – To Success And Beyond

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Earlier this week, we have announces several news about DycodeX movement and products. As an emerging IOT company, many steps are taken by management to improve and grow our business. One of them is to produce new qualified IOT products and market them internationally.

DycodeX also maintains good relationships with overseas manufacturing industries and IT companies, especially as many of the IOT components needed are still hard to find in Indonesia. Therefore, DycodeX CEO Andri Yadi made several business trips to several Asian countries, as he did this week in Shenzen, China.

If you have read the news about the millions of dollars funding from the largest IT company in Asia, well, it still becomes our wish to this day. But it’s never impossible to be come true in the future, isn’t it?

And of course we really hope our joke about SMARTLover product can actually be realized. At least we would be very proud to produce a technology that uncover the greatest mysteries of mankind. But well, until then, we will keep making other sophisticated products.

Stay tune for more updates in our social media and blog!

Learn More About IoT – Universitas Indonesia Visits DyPlex

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Since DycodeX was established 2 years ago, we have engaged with education in various aspects. Starting from the introduction of IoT technology to various universities and colleges, empowering vocational school students for job training, as well as cooperation in IoT field with various universities. One of them engagement we did was with the University of Indonesia. We are very honored when the lecturers and students of Electrical Engineering Faculty of the number one university in Indonesia took the opportunity to visit DyPlex in Bandung on Friday, March 16, 2018.

The day before, Dycodex was on the UI campus for the launch of Spekun, a bike sharing with IoT technology developed by Dycodex in collaboration with Banopolis and Telkomsel. In this event, we showed how Smartlock system we developed for bike sharing worked. During their visit to DyPlex this time, DycodeX CEO Andri Yadi invited Mr. Ir. Gunawan Wibisono, M.Sc., Ph.D. and his students to get around and see the DycodeX workshop.

We hope this visit from UI can be a bridge between technology industry actors especially on IOT with educational institutions. In the future, Dycodex welcomes every opportunity for educational institutions – both students and management – to jointly develop IOT in Indonesia through cooperation and projects.

A New Beginning: The First PyCon in Indonesia

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About PyCon Indonesia 2017 (#PyConID2017)

PyCon Indonesia is a conference where Python users, or people interested in Python, gather to learn from each other and meet other members of the community. By joining this conference, all attendees will not only learn new and exciting things. But also meet new friends and strengthen the connection with the community, and thus the community itself.

#PyConID2017 aired with “A New Beginning” as a main theme this year. Well-known as the first Python Conference (PyCon) in Indonesia, #PyConID2017 had been held in Semarang last week (9/12).

New Insight from an Awesome Speakers


#PyConID2017 was proudly invite 20 speakers included 2 keynote speakers. DycodeX as a Gold Sponsor in this event also had 1 session represented by Alwin Arrasyid, an IoT Software Engineer.

Internet of Things ranges from measuring things in the physical world to building devices, software, apps, and data analysis, hence it brings people with various expertise together. It is rare to see developer who can build software for the devices, back-end, and do analysis alone due to difference in technology that is used. That is why device software or firmware developers often use third-party IoT cloud service such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix and ThingSpeak to build their prototype. This talk addresses the possibility of building full stack IoT products using only Python as the main technology.

In refer to the thoughts above, Alwin’s entitle his topic with “IoT Software Engineer Journey: Connecting the Unconnected with Python”. Alwin’s presentation deck is available here.

Jepret Allegra on #PyConID2017

Should you came to an event, take a photos or even a selfies is a must to tie up with the moment. DycodeX as a Gold Sponsor of #PyConID2017 presented Jepret Allegra, an automatic cloud-printing photos based on hashtag.

You are free to look after every moment captured on #PyConID2017. See below.

Local Startup Fest 2.0 Gemparkan Ballroom Kuningan City

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Setelah sukses dengan Local Startup Fest pertamanya dengan total 2.500 pengunjung. Kini kembali menghadirkan acara Local Startup Fest 2.0. Local Startup Fest adalah sebuah festival dimana para penggemar startup mendapatkan wawasan terbaru dari pakar startup dan menemukan teknologi terbaru dari startup pendatang baru. percaya penemuan yang paling tak terduga terjadi saat beragam topik dan orang berkumpul. 4.000+ pengunjung Local Startup Fest 2.0 berhasil gemparkan Ballroom Kuningan City kali ini.

Acara kedua ini akan diselenggarakan pada 18-19 Oktober 2017 di Ballroom Kuningan City dua kali lebih besar dari acara sebelumnya. Ada 70+ C-Level Speakers, 3 stage, dan lebih banyak aktifitas lainnya seperti hardware zone, startup exhibitor, dan startup pitch battle.

Pembicara yang berpengalaman

Beberapa pembicara ternama yang berpengalaman di industri startup yang akan hadir di LocalStartupFest 2.0 yaitu Daniel Tumiwa (Supervisory Board Member idEA & Founder ADSvokat), Henky Prihatna (Country Industry Head Google Indonesia), Seon Yong Park – Amazon Web Services, Ken Ly (Cloud Architect Alibaba), Andy Zain (Managing Director Kejora Ventures), Willix Halim (COO Bukalapak), Abishek Shah (Director & CFO IBM), Natali Ardianto (Founder & CTO, Revie Sylviana (Business Development Director LINE Corp Indonesia), Kenneth Shaw (CTO, Rama Mamuaya (Founder & CEO DailySocial), Doni Hanafi (Co-Founder & CTO Bridestory), dan masih banyak lainnya.

Explore langsung di area pameran Local Startup Fest 2.0

Tidak hanya belajar langsung dengan para expert. Pengunjung juga dapat mencoba produk secara langsung dari puluhan startup yang bergabung di Local Startup Fest 2.0. Tidak hanya itu, pengunjung juga mendapatkan berbagai macam promo – promo menarik, dan pengalaman seru untuk mengeksplor kreatifitas dan teknologi di hardware zone.

lsf2017local startup fest 2.0dycodex di lsf 2.0DycodeX bersama lebih dari 30 startup lainnya turut meramaikan Local Startup Fest di bagian Exhibition. Memperkenalkan produk-produk Internet of Things, DycodeX membawa Smart Gallon, Magic Button, Magic Printer dan Jepret Allegra secara bersamaan.

Cara Maker “Ngoprek” ESPectro dan LoRa Raspberry Pi Hat

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26 dan 27 Agustus lalu di ajang Sci-Fi Hardware Hackathon 2016 yang diselenggarakan oleh Mediatrac, tim DycodeX mendapat kehormatan untuk soft-launching ke publik untuk pertama kalinya jajaran development board dan sensor board rakitan tim DycodeX sendiri: di antaranya ESPectro, Alora, Raspberry Pi Hat, dan Arduino Shield. ESPectro adalah development board berbasis ESP8266 yang dilengkapi dengan; Alora adalah sensor board dan tersedia dalam tiga “rasa”: Basic, Pro, dan Ultimate; sedangkan LoRa Raspberry Pi Hat dan LoRa Arduino Shield adalah sebuah ekstensi LoRa agar Raspberry Pi atau Arduino bisa berkomunikasi jarak jauh, bahkan hingga 2 km.

Dev board ESPectro, sensor board Alora, dan beberapa perangkat rancangan DycodeX lainnya dibuat agar dapat dengan mudah digunakan oleh makers dari segala tingkatan kemahiran, dari yang pemula hingga mahir.

Beberapa penggiat “ngoprek” sudah sempat memiliki dan mencoba sendiri beberapa produk DycodeX ini. Diantaranya adalah Budi Rahardjo, penggagas ID-CERT, dosen ITB, dan tokoh yang aktif di dunia teknologi Indonesia, yang sempat mengetes “blinking lights” dengan ESPectro, seperti yang ia lakukan di video ini.

Begitu juga dengan ProcodeCG yang telah menghidupkan “hello world” menggunakan ESPectro.

ESPectro development board oleh ProcodeCG


Sedangkan Muhammad Ibnu Fadhil, penggagas Gravicode, adalah salah satu orang pertama yang mencoba LoRa Raspberry Pi Hat. Ia bahkan membuat satu video unboxing LoRa Raspberry Pi Hat, yang kotaknyapun didesain oleh tim DycodeX sendiri.

Untuk makers yang ingin melihat daftar lengkap produk-produk rakitan tim DycodeX, dan tutorial dan tips bagaimana mengembangkan perangkat-perangkat IoT untuk siapapun yang berjiwa maker, sila kunjungi laman DycodeX Shop.

It’s Our First Anniversary

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Tepat hari ini setahun yang lalu, DycodeX dilahirkan.

Setahun kemudian, kami bangga telah membantu berkontribusi dalam pengembangan industri IoT lokal dengan jajaran perangkat IoT disruptif yang telah kami buat dan pasarkan. Jepret dan Jepret Allegra, kotak cerdas yang dapat secara otomatis mencetak foto hanya dengan mengunggahnya ke sosial media, adalah batu pijakan kami yang pertama untuk kami kembangkan proyek IoT lainnya. “Button”, tombol pintar yang dapat dikustomisasi untuk apapun. “Gallon”, alat cerdas yang memantau kesediaan air dalam galon. Dan bersama DycodeEdu, kamipun mencoba berkontribusi untuk berbagi ilmu yang kami punya dengan IoT makers lainnya agar dapat menginspirasi mereka.

Di tahun mendatang, kita tak akan berhenti belajar, berkembang, dan berbagi. Perjalanan kita untuk mengembangkan perangkat IoT disruptif selanjutnya yang bermanfaat bagi masyarakat akan terus berlanjut.

Thank you for supporting us in this spectacular journey.