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DycodeX and SMARTernak Featured on the GSMA

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Let us bring our memories.

Back then we registered to be The GSM Association (GSMA) partner, with our IoT use case: SMARTernak. GSMA is an industry organization that represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide. More than 750 mobile operators are full GSMA members and a further 400 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem are associate members, and SMARTernak is one of among use case which also uses the mobile network technology, NB-IoT.

Then, last September, we got the invitation to join the GSMA Event. We are honored to be the only startup from Indonesia exhibiting in the prestigious APAC IoT Innovation Expo, in Kuala Lumpur 24-26 September 2019.

DycodeX at APAC IoT Innovation Summit 2019


At the event, we also had the opportunity to be interviewed about our product in front of our booth there. Watch the interview here:

DycodeX – SMARTernak during the interview by GSMA


On the last day, our CEO (Andri Yadi) on behalf of Indonesia IoT Association had a panel discussion about “Fostering IoT Ecosystem”. Watch here:

Andri Yadi on behalf of Indonesia IoT Association in Panel Discussion


In another session, he had a chance to talk about IoT Innovation and Ecosystem: “E2E IoT Solution for Cattle Farming”. Watch here:

Andri Yadi, CEO DycodeX, speaking at the APAC IoT Innovation Summit


It was a great experience for us, but it doesn’t stop there. We get the exclusivity to published in their February 2020 bulletin “Internet of Things Case Studies: Leading the World of Innovation In ASIA PACIFIC”. The case studies showing that cellular technology is happening at IoT level. Read the PDF here:

Initial Deployment SMARTernak in Cianjur, Jawa Barat

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Close the decade with the bang.

Finally, we have just successfully deployed SMARTernak at Balai Perbibitan dan Pengembangan Inseminasi Buatan Ternak Sapi Perah* (BPPIBTSP) of West Java government. It’s part of the Digital Village program, which we’re appointed as an official partner for the livestock sector.

The initiative has started since early 2019, and we’re very thankful to all stakeholders that make all possible: West Java government, especially Food and Livestock agency, and our connectivity partner, XL Axiata – Business Solution. For this deployment, we leverage NB-IoT connectivity – provided by XL – for longer battery life.

It’s just an initial deployment, which the massive deployment will begin early 2020. Wish us luck so that we can contribute to improving cattle farming and farmers’ prosper.

*The Center of Nursery and Development of Artificial Insemination for Dairy Cattle

Solusi Nyata Peternakan Berbasis Teknologi

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Expo Peternakan Jawa Barat 2019 dibuka oleh Bupati Indramayu H. Supendi, M.SI

Expo Peternakan Jawa Barat 2019, yang diselenggarakan oleh Dinas Ketahanan Pangan dan Peternakan (DKPP) Jawa Barat, akan dilangsungkan dari 23 Juli 2019 hingga 24 Juli 2019 di Desa Puntang, Kecamatan Losarang, Kabupaten Indramayu.Expo Peternakan yang rutin diadakan setiap tahun ini diharapkan mampu mengembangkan potensi peternakan. 

DycodeX diberikan kesempatan oleh DKPP Jawa Barat untuk berpartisipasi diExpo Peternakan Jawa Barat 2019 dan memberikan informasi serta solusi bagi Peternak melalui produknya yang bernama SMARTernak. 

SMARTernak merupakan salah satu produk DycodeX untuk Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) berbasis Internet of Things (IoT) dan Artificial Intelligence (AI). Dilengkapi dengan konektivitas Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) dengan menggunakan LoRa atau NB-IoT, SMARTernak bisa digunakan oleh Peternak untuk memantau lokasi dan kesehatan ternak secara real time.

Andri Yadi selaku Co-founder dan CEO DycodeX menjelaskan tentang SMARTernak di Expo Peternakan Jawa Barat 2019

“SMARTernak bertujuan untuk memberikan pengalaman lebih kepada Peternak dalam mengelola peternakannya dengan cara memberikan prediksi kegiatan ternak dan saran penanganan kepada peternak dengan teknologi AI. Website dan aplikasi ponsel SMARTernak kami rancang untuk bisa memberikan pantauan secara real time. Notifikasi tersebut akan langsung terhubung ke gadget Peternak. Sehingga, bisa membantu Peternak dalam membuat keputusan pengelolaan peternakan.” jelas Andri Yadi selaku  Co-founder dan CEO DycodeX. 

Semenjak peluncuran perdananya, SMARTernak mengalami peningkatan performa teknologi dan solusi. 

“Jika sudah menggunakan SMARTernak, Peternak akan lebih mudah untuk memantau kegiatan ternak, berat ternak, hingga kondisi kesehatan ternak. Ketika ternak sudah mencapai berat yang sudah ditentukan oleh Peternak melalui dashboard, maka SMARTernak akan menginformasikan kepada Peternak. Selain itu juga, SMARTernak akan menginformasikan ke Peternak apabila ternak mengalami perubahan nafsu makan.” jelas Ria Sri Rahayu sebagai Operation Lead DycodeX. 

Kunjungan Bupati Indramayu di booth DycodeX pada Expo Peternakan Jawa Barat 2019 2019

Bekerjasama dengan Jabar Digital Service, DycodeX terpilih sebagai satu-satunya startup teknologi untuk memberikan solusi berbasis teknologi di sektor peternakan dalam program Desa Digital yang dicanangkan oleh Gubernur Jawa Barat, Ridwan Kamil. Melalui program Desa Digital tersebut, gap ekonomi diharapkan bisa diminimalisir. 


Info lebih lanjut mengenai SMARTernak, bisa menghubungi:

Valencia Mega Stefany

Growth Hacker DycodeX

DycodeX Claims First Successful NB-IoT Field Trial in Indonesia with SMARTernak

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Majalengka, 9 October 2018 — DycodeX marks a milestone in the local IoT industry as the first company to conduct Indonesia’s first NB-IoT field trial. The field trial utilizes the newest version of the DycodeX-developed, IoT- and AI-based Precision Livestock Farming solution, SMARTernak, which uses NB-IoT technology.

DycodeX and XL Axiata conducts Indonesia’s first NB-IoT field trial at PT. Sumber Hijau Mandiri, Majalengka, West Java.

DycodeX, along with XL Axiata, conducted the trial in PT. Sumber Hijau Mandiri cattle farm in Majalengka, West Java.

NB-IoT, or Narrowband IoT, is the latest radio technology that allows machine-to-machine communication in a wide, massive area without compromising on power and cost. The technology, which is based on LPWA (Low Power, Wide Area) network allows for a more efficient and effective means in developing IoT-based devices and applications.

Alwin Arrasyid, IoT Engineer at DycodeX, comments on the success of the NB-IoT field trial. “We are proud to finally be the first Indonesian company to test NB-IoT technology in the field, and not in labs,” he remarked. “I hope in the future, NB-IoT coverage will be available in more and more areas in Indonesia. Hopefully this will lead to a significant decrease in the cost of modules and general development.”

DycodeX has previously conducted four field tests with SMARTernak in various farms in Indonesia, including in Padang Mengatas, West Sumatera as well as in Subang and Bogor, West Java. The aims for the field tests were twofold: to train SMARTernak Artificial Intelligence by feeding it real knowledge about cattle farming, as well as to receive feedbacks from cattle farmers.

Coinciding with XL Axiata 22nd anniversary, DycodeX appreciates XL Axiata for their continuous support to the development of the local IoT industry by providing the infrastructure for NB-IoT that can be used by IoT practitioners in Indonesia.

For more information regarding DycodeX and SMARTernak, kindly reach us via email at or contact Taufik Ismail at +6285795533315.

SMARTernak Conducts Fourth Field Trial to Improve AI by Collecting Cattle Behavioral Pattern

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Subang, West Java — SMARTernak by DycodeX, Indonesia’s first home-grown Precision Livestock Farming solution based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), conducted its fourth in-field trial in a cattle farm in Subang, West Java on Wednesday, 12 September 2018. This will be the second time SMARTernak trials in Subang, previously having visited the city in May 2018.

SMARTernak Field Trial at Subang

“We’re happy to be introducing SMARTernak to more cattle farmers in the West Java area,” DycodeX CEO Andri Yadi remarks. “We hope to bring SMARTernak’s IoT and AI technologies to improve cattle farming in more farms throughout Indonesia.”

DycodeX team with Mr. Andi, local cattle farmer

This field testing commenced by SMARTernak, after we previously conducted trials in Subang and Padang Mengatas, receving positive feedbacks from the local cattle farmers. The field testing’s objectives are twofold: to collect behavioral patterns from cattle to improve Artificial Intelligence and to introduce SMARTernak to more cattle farmers.

In-field trials allows SMARTernak’s AI to collect behavioral patterns from real cattle farms. Collecting behavioral patterns is an important step to effectively “teach” real-life knowledge into SMARTernak’s Artificial Intelligence (AI). One of these data is cattle movement that will ultimately be used by the AI to predict future cattle movement and activities. Cattle farmers can then use this data to effectively manage cattle and prevent unwanted occurrences from happening.

SMARTernak field testing is also to get real feedback straight from the people who know it best: Indonesian cattle farmers. Receiving feedbacks from actual cattle farmers is an essential step for us in the improvement of SMARTernak so it can be optimized further.

“Having a device that reads live data from cattle saves us from having to periodically report directly to the farm owner, which is usually difficult because he is not always around,” says Mr. Andi, a local cattle herder.

For more information about SMARTernak and should you wish to request in-field trial in your cattle farm, visit the official website at

Quicklook: SMARTernak Web Dashboard

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SMARTernak reveals its web dashboard to the public eye for the first via a video demo shown at Asia IoT Business Platform. This web dashboard, along with its accompanying apps for iOS and Android, allows cattle-farmers to remotely monitor their SMARTernak-integrated cattle from over the Internet.

With the web dashboard, cattle-farmers can see which cattle are productive and which need special care or attention. All of this data is transmitted in real-time upon movement and physical changes in cattle. Upon closer look, you may see in-depth data about the cattle displayed in the dashboard. These data are explained as follows.

Main Dashboard Page

The main page of the SMARTernak dashboard shows information about cattle well-being.

The main dashboard functions as the primary hub for insights and recommendations so cattle farmers can act accordingly and maintain cattle productivity. The main dashboard displays events as they happen to the cattle and updates them in real time. The to-do list tab allows cattle-farmers to manually add tasks, or allow the SMARTernak AI to automatically suggest recommended actions.

The data displayed within the main dashboard is displayed as follows:

  • In Heat: Shows the number of cattle in estrus, e.g. receptive period in the sexual cycle.
  • Calving: Shows the number of cattle nearing the time to give birth to a calf.
  • Weight Gain: Shows the number of cattle which weight is increasing.
  • Active: Shows the number of cattle which engages in physical activities, e.g. moving around
  • Sick: Shows the number of cattle that catches a disease.
  • Lame: Shows the number of cattle that are idle in a certain period of time.
  • Unseen: Shows the number of cattle which has not send an update in a certain period of time.
  • Watch List: Shows the number of cattle marked for special attention

Tracking Page

SMARTernak Tracking Page shows cattle location and notifies users upon going out of bounds.

The Tracking Page displays a map with the cattle farm’s coordinate as its center. The cattle farm is restricted within the area in purple; while the pen is in blue. These restrictions are designated with virtual fencing which automatically detects cattle that stray out of bounds, and trigger an alert so cattle farmers can act accordingly.

Cattle Detail Page

See detailed information about each SMARTernak-installed cattle as well as details about power consumption.

The Cattle Detail Page shows readings of scales related to cattle well-being and productivity, as well as battery status, such as capacity and voltage. These data is updated regularly upon new activities are detected from the cattle. Information about cattle location and events happening to the cattle is also shown in this page.

In addition to the web version, SMARTernak also has a dashboard in the form of iOS and Android apps, which cattle farmers can access on the go via the Internet.

SMARTernak is the first IoT and AI-based solution for Precision Livestock Farming in Indonesia. For more details about SMARTernak, visit its official website at, or request your demo at

SMARTernak Tracker and Health & Productivity Is Here to Revolutionize Indonesia’s Cattle Farming Industry

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SMARTernak two variants: SMARTernak Tracking & SMARTernak Health & Productivity

Indonesia is having a dire problem in terms of beef production: the local beef production is less than 60% out of the needs. This is in juxtaposition with Indonesia’s relatively high position in FAO’s World Cattle Inventory ranking, with more than 16,5 million cattle that produces more than 500 tons of beef a year.

Despite this, the government of Indonesia maintains an optimistic outlook. President Joko Widodo is aiming for Indonesia to be self-sufficient in beef in the next nine to 10 years, saying that all preparations needed to achieve that are “on the right track”. The government pushes for an increase in cattle population.
With the increase of the number of cattle, a problem then arises: how does a cattle farmer manage a spike in livestock numbers with only a pair of hands? This is just one among many other problems that cattle farmers face.

And this is where technology comes into place. Specifically, a technology called PLF, or Precision Livestock Farming, a continuous, automated real-time monitoring of cattle production and reproduction, health and welfare, as well as environmental impact.

Introducing SMARTernak by DycodeX, a contribution to Indonesian government’s beef self-sufficiency programme. SMARTernak is the smartest PLF solution to revolutionize Indonesia’s cattle-farming industry. It cuts the hassle out of cattle-farmer’s lives by using an IoT-based system to make cattle-farmers’ lives easier and livestock healthier and more productive.

SMARTernak has two variants which cattle-farmers can pick according to the needs of their farms: SMARTernak Tracking and SMARTernak Health & Productivity. SMARTernak Tracking is optimized to accurately and periodically track cattle location and monitor their movement around the farm. SMARTernak Health & Productivity is optimized towards monitoring cattle health and general well-being as well as the environmental condition around the cattle.

Additional features for both SMARTernak Tracking and SMARTernak Health & Productivity include anti-theft system; covers wide range (with LoRa, 2G/3G network, or NB-IoT); cost-effective with low power consumption; compact, unobtrusive design; dashboard via web or smartphone.

SMARTernak only needs to be strapped on once, and it does all the hard work. SMARTernak periodically reads and sends data from the cattle which is then sent to the cloud for data digestion. Cattle farmers can then monitor the readings via the custom-built web and smartphone dashboards.

Ready to revolutionize your cattle-farm? We’re very happy to integrate SMARTernak to your existing cattle-farming workflow. Contact us at for a demo.

SmarTernak Third Version Trial in Subang, West Java

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One of DycodeX’s flagship product for precision farming, SmarTernak, has now entered the third trial phase. This trial process is needed to determine the compatibility of SmarTernak tools in different types of livestock. The last trial conducted by DycodeX team was on last April, in Padang Mengatas, West Sumatra. And on May 12, 2018, DycodeX team conducted the latest field trial.

This time, trial was conducted at a cattle farm in Cijambe subdistrict, Subang, West Java. The cows on this farm were of Bali Metal Cow type, which weighs approximately 350 – 800 kg. This type of cow is a challenge for the DycodeX team, because Balinese Cow are easily disturbed by the presence of new people. But once the sensor is installed properly, the cow’s activity is not disturbed.

DycodeX team successfully done the installation of LoRa Gateway with good pole material so it’s resistant to any kind of weather. The strap for the SmarTernak device was prepared in 2 types, so we could analyze the most convenient installation for the cattle. The mechanism of installing and discharging the SmarTernak device is now being upgraded to make it more practical and does not interfere with livestock activities.

This trial further enhances the stability and quality of the SmarTernak device. If your business is engaged in the livestock sector and requires a practical and comprehensive handling, you can contact us for more info.

SMARTernak, The New Product for Precision Livestock Farming

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DycodeX has developed an IoT product devoted to precision livestock farming, the SMARTernak. This compact tool can provide comprehensive information on the livestock welfare and situation with its sophisticated technology.

On April 11-15, 2018, the DycodeX team has conducted a test of SMARTernak implementation at the Superior Livestock Breeding and Forage of Animal Feed Center (BPTUHPT) of Padang Mengatas, West Sumatera. In collaboration with the Indonesian government department of animal husbandry, DycodeX had the opportunity to conduct trials on 280 hectares of land consisting of three types of cows, in total 1400 of them. DycodeX prepares eight devices to be installed in the bodies of cows on the farm.

SMARTernak is the first IoT product in Indonesia for more comprehensive livestock management. This device is integrated with the backend system in the cloud, making it easier for users to access data through mobile and web applications. The system in this device will help you to know the location and condition of livestock at any time, so the quality and productivity of livestock can be improved.

To find out more about SMARTernak, please visit this page

IoT Solutions For Livestock Farming

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Technological developments have brought many changes in various aspects of life. One of them, a change in the field of livestock farming. In developed countries like in America and Europe, livestock management is already using digital technology that allows farmers to grow their business and create better livestock quality.

While in Indonesia, most farmers still use traditional ways in managing livestock. This is the concern – and challenge – for tech enthusiast and game changer like DycodeX. In collaboration with the startup Bantuternak, DycodeX is trying to create an IoT solution for livestock farming in Indonesia. In the collaboration, they created a tracker for farm animals. This tracker is able to monitor the movement of cattle through IoT sensors. The sensors will send data to the cloud so that can be accessed by the farmers in real-time. After passing a series of trials in cattle farms in Yogyakarta, DycodeX and Bantuternak were in high hope that this collaboration will deliver an IoT solution that can help the farming industry in Indonesia.

How Cow Tracker Works

Andri Yadi, CEO of DycodeX told Info Komputer magazine in January 2018, “One of the purposes of installing this tool is to save costs and time. Because farmers/breeders do not have to calculate their cattle’s weight manually.” As the first IoT company that tested cow tracker in Indonesia, DycodeX is creating a precision agriculture in the country. Currently the cow tracker that has been tested can monitor the cow’s weight. It could also analyze the comfort level of the cows. The sensor monitors the cage condition (such as temperature, humidity, or sunlight radiation) which then the correlated data is analyzed using machine learning to determine the level of cattle productivity.

Currently DycodeX is producing 10 thousand devices for this cattle tracker. All IoT devices and apps are self-produced by DycodeX specifically, with customizations tailored to demands. This is a great start for livestock farming development in Indonesia using IoT solutions. Going forward, DycodeX hopes this solution will not only help the livestock industry in Indonesia, but also in other countries.