DycodeX,Indonesia’s Pioneer

in LPWA Connectivity

By 2025, it is projected there will be more than 75 million Internet of Things devices all around the world—more than five times more than it had been in 2015, including in Indonesia. The spike in numbers of IoT devices needs to be supported by an infrastructure that supports a streamlined connectivity between many devices.

DycodeX strives to always be on track with the latest IoT connectivity and meticulously adapt each to our projects. We have utilized Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, as well as cellular connectivity using GSM and UMTS. Recently, we have been adopting the LPWA architecture by using LoRa and NB-IoT.


IoT Devices

What Is LoRa

LoRa or Long Range is an open-standard wireless technology that is designed for long range, low power communications. LoRa network has become one of the most widely used IoT network in the world and is already playing a big role in the IoT market both in Indonesia and worldwide.

LoRa technology gives its users a variety of advantages that include:

Long Range

Allows for long range communication of up to more than 40 kilometers that works both in rural areas and deep indoors

Low Power

Uses very low power that can last for years, depending on usage

Low Cost

Due to its low power consumption, it costs less, reducing costs on infrastructure, battery, and operating expenses

High Capacity

Supports millions of messages per base station


Standardized that makes it easy for adopters to start utilizing LoRa