• Initial Ideation of Concept Cloud-Based Photo Collecting Service

    Under DyCode, our first foray into cloud came from an idea: to create an automated photo collecting service that can pull photos uploaded from various social media.

  • Improved Concept Cloud-Based Photo Collecting Service to Photo Printing

    Under DyCode, improved our concept photo collecting service to photo printing with a self-developed custom hardware.

  • Launching Jepret Cloud & Jepret Story

    Under DyCode, we launched Jepret Cloud & Jepret Story, a set of cloud and mobile application that allows for a unified viewing of photos uploaded to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Path...

  • DycodeX Formally Established

    DycodeX was formally established as PT DycodeX Teknologi Nusantara, with developments focusing especially on Internet of Things devices and solutions that help to solve real-life problems.

  • Debut Commercial Implementation of Jepret Allegra

    Under DyCode, we debuted our hardware-software photo collection-photo printing service at Roti Oppa, a local café, branded it as Jepret Allegra.

  • Second Product Attempt: HomeX Smart Lamp

    DycodeX’s foray into smart home concept came as HomeX, a smart IoT-based lamp. HomeX was our second real-life solution product developed fully in-house.

  • Organized Bandung IoT Developer Day, Episode 1

    Under DycodeEdu, organized Bandung IoT Developer Day, Episode 1, the first IoT community gathering event in Bandung, West Java.

  • Smart Gallon Prototype

    DycodeX developed a prototype for a smart, IoT-based drinking water monitoring solution for homes and offices. We renamed this as Smart Gallon.