A Smart Thermal Screening & Attendance Solution


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AI-powered, contactless body thermal screening

Accurate, fast body temperature check, powered by on-device AI. Up to 60 persons per minute.

Real-time alert upon beyond normal temperature

On-device warning light and voice alarm.
Send push notification to mobile app.
Person photo may be taken for identification.

Face-mask detection & Face Recognition

Warns face mask-wearing, also recognizes unlimited faces – even while wearing mask.

Rich dashboard & mobile app; Flexible deployment and integration

Feature complete dashboard, and attendance management. Provides APIs and integration options with 3rd party or existing system.

What is it for?

A smart, feature-rich customizable, yet affordable thermal screening & attendance solution.

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Contactless body temperature monitoring

Fast, automatic temperature measurement.

People/visitors/attendees counting and monitoring

Automatic, fast people counting, can be integrated with visitor/attendee management system. Non mask-wearing visitor/attendee can be detected for mask policy enforcement.

Real-time alert upon possible fever

Upon detected beyond-normal temperature, device triggers alarm, and send push notification to mobile app, to notify stand-by officer for validation and further action.

Significantly reducing queue

No more queueing for manual checking using thermal gun. Security officers can focus on their job: security, also reducing their exposure/proximity to visitors, and vice versa.

Face-based attendance recording

Reduce potential disease spreading by replacing contact-based (e.g. fingerprint) attendance recording system with face recognition based* while able to measure attendee’s body temperature.

Can be integrated with other systems

Turnstile, access door, sanitizing, hand-washing and more.

Use Cases

Implementable in school, factory, public transport, office, and more to replace this manual temperature measurement using thermal gun.

How It Works


Vision sensor detects human

Device with RGB camera detects face, or IR camera detects body heat of human that's approaching a gate/door.

Face detected an displayed

Face detected and displayed on LCD.
Device will tell if the person needs to be closer, for correctly measuring facial temperature (of heat radiated by face).
Face detection works for person wearing mask, and able to detect whether mask is worn or not.

Body temperature measured

In 1 seconds, body temperature is measured and displayed on LCD.
Temperature above normal will trigger LED or audio alert if necessary.

Publish data to the cloud

Body temperature, ambient temperature & humidity, and face photo (if needed).

Push notification

If measured body temperature is above pre-defined normal, send push notifications to stand-by officers.


Sit back, relax and monitor visitors from web/mobile dashboard.

Demo Video


We have deployed the product as Body Temperature Screening Chamber in front of Ministry of ICT's building.

In collaboration with Indonesia IoT Association


Deployed 10 Devices in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) across the pedestrian, car, motorcycle gates.

Integrated with QR Code Scanning


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Standard IR thermal sensor: 8 x 8 (64 pixels) resolution
Optimized to measure 1 person
Distance to object up to 50 cm

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Upgrade on IR thermal sensor: 32 x 24 (768 pixels) resolution
Optimized to measure up to 3 persons
Distance to object up to 2 meters

Good Value

Pro FR

Pro varian features + Face Recognition

Recognizes who is the detected person, while measuring body temperature
Recognizes (virtually) unlimited number of faces
Provides API & integration options with 3rd party/existing HR/attendance system
No more touching that fingerprint scanner

Are there additional cost?

OPTIONAL, only if you need:

  • Cloud and data storage
  • Access to online web dashboard and mobile apps, and all futures updates
  • On-site training, assistance, support
  • Device extended warranty


*except Face Recognition varian

Any other option?

Bundling is available. No more monthly cost, Extended Support already includes:

  • Backend services
  • Access to web dashboard and mobile apps, and all future updates
  • On-site training, assistance, deployment & support
  • Device extended warranty. Extend default  months warranty, for device swap upon any issues.


PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia


PT Rekacipta Inovasi ITB


PT Smartfren Tbk


PT Imajiads Solusindo


PT Inovasi Dinamika Solusi


PT Avogadro Inovasi Indonesia


PT Putra Tidar Perkasa


PT Global Bisnis Adisatria



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  • This device is to measure ‘Surface Temperature’ of different objects, the indicated temperature may differ from the one acquired by regular or medical thermometer depending on conditions.
  • For instance, Front hair on forehead interferes to measure body surface temperature of the part. Temperature indicated may be lower than actual right after washing face, at wet skin with sweat or when coming from cold place.
  • Precise body temperature has to be measured by clinical thermometer under appropriate consultation of medical experts.