Works wonders.

Magic Button is an all-purpose device equipped with four physical touch buttons fully customizable to your needs. Magic is only a button press away.


Magic touch

You don’t need spells to taste magic. You only need a button press. Magic Button has four touch buttons, all of which you can customize to your needs. Whatever magic you need to do, just program it to any of the buttons. Press it once and see the magic unfold.

Fits in your pocket

Magic should not come in heavy, bulky packages. Magic Button is designed to be small and compact without compromising on its functionality. It fits in your pocket like your phone or wallet, so you can carry it with you wherever you need it.

Dedicated dashboard

Powered by the cloud, Magic Button allows for a single, dedicated dashboard, where all the magic lie. See all of your available Magic Buttons. Rename them. Program them to do a specific task. Configure every aspect of your Magic Buttons. Make them wholly yours.

See Magic Button in action


Perfect for venues

Café owners and their customers alike benefits from having Magic Button in the venue. For venue owners, Magic Button can help you check table occupancies, measure service times, and more. For customers, it allows for easier waiter/waitress summoning and approximate service times.

For e-commerce

Simplify shopping experience by dedicating each of the Magic Button’s buttons for an item. Press a button, and, voila! your item is purchased and delivered to your doorstep!

Request a Demo

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