Meet Magic Printer. Your everyday thermal printer. Only way smarter.

Magic Printer is a super-simple, super-smart standalone thermal printer perfect for F&B businesses.

Just power it on.


Works smartly.

There’s a reason why we call it Magic Printer. Its integration with the cloud allows a variety of other, smarter tasks that your everyday printer cannot do. One such task is pulling and processing data. This means that Magic Printer is capable and ready to be fully integrated with your apps. Also, because of the ingenious cloud-based architecture, all the data are also stored in the cloud server so you can extract it any time in the future.

Works independently.

Magic Printer’s cloud integration also allows us to make it a standalone device by design so it can operate by itself, no computer or any other additional devices required.

Easy to use.

We built Magic Printer with simplicity in mind. Absolutely anyone can use it. Put away all of those manual books for your computer because you won’t need it for Magic Printer to work: with a simple flick of the power switch, you’ll have it printing in no time.

Works wherever you want.

Out of space? No problem. The intricate, elaborate design on the inside allows Magic Printer to be small and compact on the outside, occupying very little physical space on your desk. Or wherever you want it to work.


In cafés and restaurants

Restaurant owners know the struggle. You’ve got two hands and both are busy with cooking—not to mention greasy—but orders are piling up! Magic Printer allows you to receive and print orders automatically without you touching your smartphone, simplifying the whole food ordering process.

In courier delivery

Courier delivery clerks need time to input data of the items to deliver. On busy days, the delivery queue is very long—even sometimes almost unmanageable to the clerks. Magic Printer comes into the picture by automatically printing customer’s orders, saving the clerks’—and, of course, the customers’—time!

Request a Demo

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