Industrial IoT - Pressure Transmitter

Gas/Liquid Pressure Sensor

Pressure range: 0 - 3000 psi (206 bar)
Thread: 1/2” NPT or 1/4” NPT
Accuracy: 0.5% full scale
Stability: ≤0.2% full scale/year
Sealing rating: IP65
Working temperature range: -20°C → +100°C
Output signal: analog 0.5v - 4.5v @ 5v input

Connectivity & Firmware

168 dB maximum link budget; +14 dBm TX output, RX sensitivity: -148 dBm.
Frequency bands: AS923, KR920, or firmware-customisable
Global band
Upgradeable and configurable firmware


Battery-powered: LiSoCl2 non-rechargeable, 4000 mAh
Power consumption:
Deep Sleep: 2.7μA, Transmit: 125mA @ 20dBm, Receive: 7.2mA
Estimated lifetime: 1.5 years, for interval of 1 transmission/hour

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