Smart Gallon monitors your drinking water supplies, so you don’t have to.

Smart Gallon intelligently checks your remaining drinking water gallon bottle levels. You can see how much is left with your smartphone’s web browser or HomeX mobile app. Or you can just tell it to send you an SMS when the bottles are about to empty so you can replace them immediately.

How Smart Gallon works.

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Smart Gallon has an active sensor and an intelligent brain that works in the cloud.
Together, they create a seamless system to help you drink water and stay hydrated, all day, everyday.

Non-invasive sensor that watches your water gallon bottles for you

Smart Gallon has an non-invasive sensor that actively measures the amount of water left inside your water gallon bottles. The best thing about it is that it’s easy to install! It’s also positioned outside of the bottle with no direct contact with the water itself, so your water stays clean, and your body stays healthy.

Convenient, cloud-powered dashboard

No more worrying about empty water bottles when you’re away from your home or office. Smart Gallon’s cloud-powered dashboard and mobile app lets you check how much water is left in your gallons, even when you’re away.

Intelligent notification

Smart Gallon’s smart, cloud-based brain tells you when the water bottles need immediate replacement via push notification or SMS. Smart Gallon also knows the last time your replaced a water gallon, and lets you, your office’s logistics department, or even your preferred water bottle distributors, know when it’s time to bring in new water supplies.

Energy Saving

To save energy, you can turn on/off water dispenser remotely, or automatically when no water left in the bottle.


Get informed of how long a water bottle has been in water dispenser, and how long it should be replaced.

Behavior Tracking

Track your family or office’s water consumption behavior. Make sure they are hydrated well everyday.

Easy Installation

Easy-to-install, no need to alter or replace existing water bottle or dispenser.

Keep your family hydrated well

By adding Smart Gallon to your home or office’s existing water dispenser, you can worry no more about the lack of water suppl because Magic Gallon will notify your housemaid or drinking water distributors to replace or add more drinking water bottle supplies by instance.

Water dispensers management
for entire office, at your fingertips

You deploy tens of water dispensers across its two-story office building. You might—and probably will—not know for sure which water cooler bottles are empty and feel monitoring all of them manually every day is a waste of time. With Smart Gallon in all of its water dispensers bottles, you can set it to notify drinking water distributors whenever any of the water bottles needs replacing and prevent any disaster due to unfilled water dispenser like building fire or mass dehydration.

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