An Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence-powered
Bike Fleet Management System

Smarterbike Hardware

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

Smart Head

An interface for user to interact with the system. Can be attached to varying bikes’ handle bar

Smart Lock

For locking bike to the dock/ station, or self-locking/ dockless. 
 Modular, customisable for any bikes and dock/station.

Dock / Station

Where the Smart Lock locks itself. Form factor is customisable.

Charging Station

Dock has built-in charger that automatically charges device’s battery upon locking. No more manual charging


Combine hardware (electronics and lock), software and connectivity put on the bike, hardware and station / dock, cloud service and operator facing dashboard and user facing mobile app, all working together

Electronics Board

Designed and assembled in-house in Indonesia, by 100% Indonesian.

Features for End User

User can interact with the bike via simple interface to access: usage info, navigation, reporting emergency, etc

QR Code

Scan QR to use/rent


Incident detection & alert

On-device display

No need to always look at smartphone


(coming soon)

Riding counter

Duration, cost, distance

Emergency Call

Safe & secure

Features For
Command Center

Real-time bike Tracking

Location, speed, condition, usage

Anti-theft & Vandalism

Get real-time alert for possible theft & vandalism



Virtual Fence

Get notified for out-ofoperation-area-riding



Bikes & Station Management

Mobile Apps

Publish provided iOS and Android apps for end-users to download. Using your account or ours. To make your brand stand out, we offer UI customization for free, we promise to make it look good.