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Problems Cattle-farmers Face..

Location Tracking
I have too many cattle. It's hard to track their locations!
I can't tell whether my cattle is healthy or sick!
I'm too busy to monitor all of my cattle!

SMARTernak Helps Tackle These Problems!

Real-time Cattle Location Tracking

See where all your SmarTernak-tagged cattle are located right now. The device will also notify you if your cattle goes too far away or if the device is removed.

Real-time Cattle Health and Activity Monitoring

Check the health of your SmarTernak-tagged cattle without you having to physically attend every single cattle.

Real-time Environment Monitoring

Find out whether the environment is right for your cattle so you can make decisions quickly and efficiently.


Worry less about power as SmarTernak is equipped with a portable solar panel.

Apps for Smartphone (available on Android and iOS) and Web

Let the apps work for you in monitoring your cattle’s data without you having to spend hours attending each cattle.

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