The smartest solution for cattle farming.

SMARTernak helps cattle farmers manage cattle more efficiently by using
an IoT-based system to track cattle’s activity and health,
with AI-assisted recommendations that continuously learn from daily cattle behavior.

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SMARTernak Solution

The Device:

This compact device is designed to be usable and comfortable to wear with solar cell for energy harvesting.

The anti-theft alert will protect the cattle from being stolen. The system can be tailored to suits every farm needs.

Technology inside:

This small device is packed with all-in-one and realtime sensors, accelerometer and GPS module.

Using LoRa/LoRaWAN connectivity that can reach wide range, cost effective, and low power consumption.


Available for All Variants

Cattle Activity Prediction and Action Recommendation

SMARTernak AI continuously learns cattle behavior so it can help you monitor cattle activity and receive recommended actions without having to physically attend every cattle.

Wide-Area Coverage

Using the latest long range radio technology specifically built for IoT to cater thousand of devices in a radius of up to 5 kilometers, SMARTernak is guaranteed to cover all farms, no matter how big or small the scale.

Designed to Be Compact and Unobtrusive

With only 79x79x19 mm, SMARTernak device is designed to be convenient to wear, resilient, unnoticeable and will not interrupt your cattle’s regular activities.

Smart Energy Management

The device use low power consumption and energy harvesting to achieve long battery life. Energy harvesting technology keeps the micro energy from the solar and cattle’s body heat to allow the device to operate without manually charging the battery. The system intelligently manages its energy consumption and also features smart switching between main and backup battery, based on system load, available harvested energy, and other factors

Web and Smartphone App

Wherever and whenever you are, get an thorough feedback on how you cattle is doing, all in real time.

Anti-theft System

Built-in anti-theft system makes SMARTernak safe from unauthorized tampering. Get notified when your the device is stolen or when it is removed from your cattle without permission.

SMARTernak Location Tracker is optimized for tracking
cattle’s daily behavior. It periodically updates you
via smartphone apps and web dashboards.

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  • Track cattle location, movement, and behaviour

    Always be in the know of where your cattle are at the moment, as well as their movement and activities.

  • Apply virtual fencing

    Virtual fencing allows you to limit cattle movement within a set area. Get notified if cattle strays off too far.

  • Herd counting

    Always be updated in how many cattle you have right now so you won’t miss one.

  • Monitor grazing area & behaviour

    Whether your cattle is grazing, sleeping, or doing activities worth of note, you’ll always be in the loop.


  • Monitor cattle’s health parameters

    The system will check on the cattle’s heart rate, body temperature, and analyze them to keep their health level in real-time report.

  • Check approximate weight

    The built-in sensor is able to give a general
    look at how much a cattle weighs.

  • Predict cattle’s behavior

    Monitoring the cattle’s movements, health status, and daily diet to predict their typical behavior based on the condition.

  • Monitor environmental condition

    Monitoring the cattle’s movements, health status, and daily diet to predict their typical behavior based on the condition. The sensor will check the surrounding environment to maintain the cattle’s well-being.

SMARTernak Health Sensor is optimized for monitoring
cattle health and general well-being. It periodically
updates you via smartphone apps and web dashboards.

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Real Problems in Cattle Farming…

“I have to visit hundreds of cows every day, just to check whether they still move or not.”

“We often lose count whenever a herd move to another grazing area. Missing cattle is often found days later with worrying health problems.”

“We need to know from early on which cattle is ill to prevent the spread of disease. Sick cattle is valued half of market price”

“We need to provide insightful information of cows health and weight growth to the cows investors”

How it works

Tracker & Base Station

Tracker reads data from your cattle
and feeds them to the base station.


Cloud ingests and processes
data so it will be ready to be visualized.
All the hard work is done for you.

Web and mobile apps

This is where you come in: read all data
from location to health, wherever and
whenever you are.

Behind SMARTernak

SMARTernak is a designed and developed by DycodeX, Indonesia’s leading IoT and maker movement based in Bandung, West Java. Established in April 2015, DycodeX has a vision to solve the problems of mankind effectively with technology. Today, we are pioneering and leading in the development of home-grown, end-to-end IoT- and AI-based systems in Indonesia, while enabling maker movement along the way.

DycodeX DNA consists of constant innovation, early-adopting spirit, and tight software-hardware integration, which we apply in each and every one disruptive products that we develop to enhance the lives of mankind.

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